Saturday, July 29, 2006

List of ideas for far

Here's what I got so far:

1. A card detailing 5 reasons why you fell in love with them (my idea)
2. Breakfast in bed (my idea also)
3. Draw them a picture that can express to them how much you really do care
4. Take her out to eat
5. Cook her dinner then after that watch a movie and cuddle
6. Run her a bath with caddles around it
7. A poem would be very romantic

All great ideas. Give me some more small things I can do to show my love. If the ideas have not already been used, and are worthy, I'll post them on the site. Thanks...


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok da lil things i do to show ma man i love him ....... jus call to say i love u dat call means alot really! um leave a offline message or email jus to let him know i miss him an thinkn about him , or wen he comes in frm a long day @ work i have him sit down an let me cater to him its simple pull his shoes off , or a lil massage , kiss him tell him how i thought about him all day an glad hes home ! wen i wake up in the morning if hes there i kiss him an tell him i love him! the big thing dat dnt take much time an effort is how er female loves to know therr loved no matter how u do it or show it example remembering her birthday or the first day u met or first date first kiss its the lil things that mean the most! if u can remember things like that an show her each an everyday jus how much she means to u if its a letter , picture , phone call long as she knows u know ! an thats the way i feel others may think different but if shes really into u jus bein with u is everything to her...........

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

call he or she just because....if youre in a restaurant dont hesitate to lean over the table or scoot over to kiss them and cuddle least thats how my ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends have treated me!

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous jennifer said...

i love showing my man that i love him jst with lil things that i do for him.roses on the bed candlelite dinnrs glass of wine in front of a fireplace,cuddling in front of the tv when i knw hes had a long day.lil massages on hyz neck and hyz bckwith warm oils always shows mah man hes getting the attention he deserves frm hyz woman.

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yesh i feelz ya, it kinda reminds me of the things i would do to remind my boo that i love her i try and restrain from the growing pains but althought I'm a male im different i do alot to show that i care so....yea lolz dat was relative for me

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

showing and tellng are two diffrent things, showing is letting her know your there for her and will always be there for her when she needs you she might not like fancy things but also that depends on the girl cause some want that kind of stuff. the word "i love you", expressed in emotions as in hugging her tell her she is beautiful even though shes looking rough that day ask her if she wants to do anything its her choice but remember love isnt a one way street it has to go both ways to make it last you have to listen to each other and let each other know your love is strong dont be talking about your ex girlfriend keep on the topic of her and you. and what you want in the future for the both of youns..thats showing your love her. telling her you love her is practically you have to prove it and have to try to earn her love but you cant have love if you dont have trust. let her know you just dont love her but "your in love with her" be practical about it and real tell her how you felt the first time you kissed her, hugged her, not only make her your girlfriend but your bestfriend to. the person you can talk to when your troubled or down and so shell know she can come to you when she needs you so she also knows your dependable i really hope this makes since but anyways i guess im fianlly done lol


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