Monday, July 31, 2006

More Ideas

8. Just call to say I love you
9. E-mail just to let them know you miss then and thinking about them
10. After a long day at work sit her down and cater to her, pull her shoes off , a lil massage , kiss her, tell her how you thought about her all day an glad she's home.
11. Remembering her birthday or the first day you met or first date or the first kiss
12. In a restaurant, lean over the table or scoot over to kiss them and cuddle up
13. Roses on the bed
14. Candle light dinner
15. Glass of wine in front of a fireplace
16. Massages on her neck and her back with warm oils

These ideas are perfect. I'm going to start my quest tomorrow, August 1, 2006. Today I have to get a calandar and write down these first 16 things on it, one for each day. I'll keep you posted on how each thing turned out...what her reaction was when I did those things. Keep the ideas coming. Thanks and spread love.


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous katlyn said...

i luv it i think that is sweet when a dude caters to gurl i luv wat u did keep up the hard work


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