Thursday, August 03, 2006

August 2, 2006...Flowers


I've noticed already that just one day is not going to work. It will take time. She got upset at me today because she thought I miss placed some papers and the world would end. She called me early and left me a rude message and called me an Ass-hole, which was odd because she doesn't curse. I let it ride out though and after my class today, I went to the market, picked up some friut, some bones for the dog, some wine (for later on) and some flowers. I wasn't planning on paying a whole lot for them, but they cost $10 which I though was a little pricey. When I got home, she was by the door and I presented her with the flowers. She smiled and said, "Why'd you bring me these?" My reply was that I brought them just becasue I wanted to get her something nice. She then said, "Are you trying to do like you did when we first met?" I smiled and she gave me a peck. It was nice because her mother was there and it's always nice for other people to see you doing good things, that way if my loved one forgets and says..."you never do anything nice for me," other people have my back.

Things got sour later on in the night though. She said that she felt that I didn't talk to her enough and I didn't want to be close to her. I told her I felt she was wrong and in my head I thought, 'well why would I be doing this project?' but I didn't say that because I didn't want to spoil it. tonight will have to be something that opens up more communication about whatever.

Side note...

As this project continues, and I hopefully get more people looking at this blog, I would like to take more suggestions as to what to do on a specific day. For now though I will just pick from the small list that has benn generated. You gotta help me though, as I plan on 365 days...that's a year... and I only have under 20 days now.

Thanks again for supporting what I feel is a worth cause and drop a comment whenever you get on the blog.


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous katlyn said...

so u luv to write u shuld become a writer i think it is wonderful that u like to write pomes

At 4:46 PM, Blogger mini haricot said...

what a beautiful idea to make a blog like this ! very good ! I hope you will continue to write on it ! :)) excuse my english I am french :S

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Coco said...

Five years married, seven together (ups, downs, all arounds . . . REALLY) talkin at ya here, my friend.Know what I love and what makes me feel truly loved and cared for? When my husband's watching TV, unwinding after what is really a tough job emotionally (he works as a therapist with abused, at-risk, gang-banging, meth-mommy kids), and I want/need to talk about something, however big or small . . . and he turns off the TV, looks at me for real (you know), and listens (again, for real). It makes me feel like we're relly walking through this world together. It doesn't happen every single time, but this, sir, feels very,very good. This makes me feel loved.

Good luck!

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous EM said...

something that i think will make her feel special is if u share a special place with her, maybe a place that you dont share with everyone, that place where you go to write or just be alone. make sure you tell her how special that place is to you and the simple fact that you want to share a deep part of you that not everybody else knows will make her happy


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