Saturday, July 29, 2006

List of ideas for far

Here's what I got so far:

1. A card detailing 5 reasons why you fell in love with them (my idea)
2. Breakfast in bed (my idea also)
3. Draw them a picture that can express to them how much you really do care
4. Take her out to eat
5. Cook her dinner then after that watch a movie and cuddle
6. Run her a bath with caddles around it
7. A poem would be very romantic

All great ideas. Give me some more small things I can do to show my love. If the ideas have not already been used, and are worthy, I'll post them on the site. Thanks...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Great Ideas...More?

Those ideas are great. I especially like the idea about drawing a picture. That is going to be my first day. I also think the ideas about a day together and breakfast in bed are good too. I am looking for more "small" and "little" things I can do to show my love. Things that do not take a lot of planning and time, such as drawing a simple picture that says "I Love You" (thanks for the idea). My quest for 365 days of love will start very soon, but first I need more ideas, hopefully enough to get me through a whole week. Thanks for the ideas, they are great. But give me some more!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Where do I begin? What can I do to show my loved one I care...or better yet, what do you do to show yours that you care?

Mission Objective

My mission is to find out some of the "little things" people do to show the person they are with that they love them. For example, you might write your loved one a card detailing 5 reasons why you fell in love with them, or you might treat your loved one to breakfast in bed (anything that shows you care...creative or not so creative). To test the quality of the idea, I will try them out on the person I am with and report back with her reaction. Is this a worthy mission? Is this research something of value?

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